the F4i

It was the summer of 2017 and i was riding a long, country road by the name of Horsefly to work everyday. It was spring and the morning frost was becoming less apparent by the day, and by mere chance that Kitten was selling her late husband’s bike in this time. And though the bike was seemingly much too large, I was drawn to it anyways, and so, one Saturday morning I rode to Kitten’s backyard for a visit, and the F4i was big and white and scary-looking but I sat on it anyways, and to my amazement, I was able to ride it around the backyard, a backyard filled with gopher holes and dips and tall grass, and yes, it was fun, and yes,  I was lost. 

I paid for the bike then and there and rode the Ninja away with a satisfied feeling and the following week the bike was home and she was mine and the boys at the timber-yard no longer made fun of me for riding a bike with “no balls.”

And the summer of the F4i was unlike any other, for I rode that bike everywhere, even after having gotten into a foul truck accident on the first day that I did not ride to work, the irony being that I took the truck due to the  impending hail storm that caused me crash the truck. But, this is not a story about a truck accident, it is a story about a white F4i that came my way in the summer of 2017.

There are no words to describe how it felt to ride the canyons on that bike. It was freedom, true freedom, a freedom that I had never felt before. I was free on those canyons on my bike, and in being free I found that Time, well, time slowed down riding desolate highways at fast speeds, with no other traffic to gauge where, or when, or how. It was as if Everything was there for me in the same way that I was there for It and Everything was Life and Fire and Fuel and Everything was Vivid and Alive and I knew then that when the time came to die that I would remember this, and in remembering this I would know that Life had been Good and Fulfilling and Good.

i will not forget

And that summer I rode that white bike to no end, rode it 10,000 kilometers in three months, and that bike was really amazing, and yes,  I really loved it. 



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