one year of GSX-R.

It’s been one year since I bought my GSX-R.  How I remember that first morning well. It was a sunny Saturday that I rode my CBR to Langley to look at a (blue) R6 with an ultra-fucked subframe and a big dent where the previous owner’s crotch had hit before he rag-dolled into the asphalt. […]

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how it was to get away

today we were welding in class. oxyacetylene welding. we welded outside, a group of 15 in the sunshine, wearing thick suede aprons, gloves, and a little cotton caps that made us look like Japanese mechanics. the sun was out for the first time in a long time. from my little window of the welder’s goggles, […]

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Into Fear: Reminisces of a Journey

I’m not very old, far from it, in fact. Yet, like everybody else, my whole lifetime is all I know… So, I’m 22 years old, and I’m sitting in a lawn chair sandwiched between two bikes -1,600 c.c between them- in the Santa Monica mountains. I’d ridden here, ridden here from Vancouver, British Columbia, a […]

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