The Good Life

laps along the water, along the Ocean. The last swim of the year and how it felt to be shivering, bathed in the light. I am thankful, thankful for these days, throttle happy along the Ocean, sunkissed skin. Later, well, later the sky was dark I took my motorcycle on the highway to pickup parts from the chop shop.
And I was on the highway in the evening light, seamlining through air, thick on throttle in the wind. And then came a moment that I thought I would surely die; me and my black motorcycle in the blindspot of a merging white Lexus at 113 kilometers. The same oh shit glimmer of a moment I’ve had times before; in being charged by bear; in flipping a truck, and in highsiding, (perhaps, though the finite details I do not quite remember); many times i’ve felt a pitfall in my heart, thinking it the end.


Somehow, something came over and i swept with him, one, big, heavenly swoop blindly into the lane beside, vacant. Only later did I find the horn, when the quick bout of tears came and my arms began to tingle, white Lexus already ahead and gone, weaving out of sight. the dreams I’ve had speak truth. The dream of four nights prior, thoughts of all the things not-yet-done, and a line of “nearly dying, often.” The dream of the night before, my bike with shark-finned sprockets and fucked rotors, a need for new parts. How telling they were. Another day, and i made it home. It ended with 30 lbs of motorcycle parts in a backpack, 3 rotors and 2 sprockets, a set of brakes and my soul intact.

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