how it was to get away

today we were welding in class. oxyacetylene welding. we welded outside, a group of 15 in the sunshine, wearing thick suede aprons, gloves, and a little cotton caps that made us look like Japanese mechanics. the sun was out for the first time in a long time. from my little window of the welder’s goggles, life was turquoise-sepia, unheard and in slow motion. life felt archaic, heavy, strange in a good way. i felt old. i felt nostalgia. it felt right, to be a welder, if only just pretend.
after class i went for a ride. The bike & i went for a ride, headed north on the Sea-to-Sky. The Tuesday traffic was minimal, it felt good to be on open road. it felt good to be riding again, riding proper. from my new carbon-fiber helmet I yipped on the open road- because I was alive, and riding, and reliving last fall’s routine: northward-bound-on-the-99-after-class.
in California i learned how to lean. all along I thought i had been doing it right, but i hadn’t, i had merely been counter leaning. but it clicked, in California. it felt good to ride into those curves. to throttle into the swoops and dips, to be both one and separate, to cascade along the open road, along the ocean. to swoop and to glide, to be alive.

archaic trains  (september 2018)
up some dirt roads and up some other roads and sitting beside the water it felt right, and it felt just. and i was happy to be alive. happy to be taking a program that will teach me about the bikes that have taught me so much.

schooled (september 2018)

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